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We are a full-service blockchain & token development company, and security token creation is one of our key areas of expertise. We have assisted several companies in successfully launching Security Token Offerings (STOs)

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Security TokenDevelopment

STOs are offerings of digitalized securities such as stocks, bonds, or other token and coin projects using blockchain technology. Like an IPO it represents ownership or stake in an external asset or enterprise.

STOs boost investor confidence and encourage them to fund diverse projects.

We are a leading provider of blockchain technology solutions. Our extremely skilled staff have a wealth of expertise in creating cryptocurrencies, be it security tokens or utility tokens. Brugu has created cutting-edge, modern security token issuing platforms based on distributed ledger technology.

What is STO (Security Token Offering)?

The recent hot topic making the headlines in the cryptocurrency world is "the future of security tokens". The benefits of ICO and IPO are combined in the Security token offerings (STOs), to provide a perfect balance by getting capital at low cost, while abiding by the compliance of securities laws. Security tokens are security given to the investors, to deliver authenticity to the investors to raise capital. A security token holder will get certain ownership rights and become a stakeholder of the company.

A security token can represent a share in the company or become a member of an LLC. So, in simple words, when shares of a company are issued in the form of digital token, the companies have more potential to attract more investors at a lower cost than if they were to list on a stock exchange.

Types of Security Tokens

  • Equity Token

    These are security tokens that provide investors a share in the firm as well as voting rights and derive their value from equities in the issuing company.

  • Reserve Assets Token

    These are security tokens that stand in for reserve assets like gold and property. STOs may be introduced by businesses engaged in the trade of such assets.

  • Debt Token

    Similar to debt instruments, debt tokens are delivered with the promise of future repayment. This type of STO is the one you should launch if you don't have any stock or reserve assets to tokenize.

Brugu Provides Security Token Offering Services

Brugu provides STO services with the immense latter features with cutting technology for the business initiator. So, every individual, business person, and entrepreneur are having an idea to build a security token offering platform, make it with our STO script software. Our STO script software offers a multiple-payment gateway and Multi-wallet support for storing and digital asset transactions.

Legal & Landing Page

Raise funds that help you to develop as per the requirement with legalization and other lending services.

Tokenized Asset Offerings Development

We help you turn your real estate and illiquid assets into tokenized assets offering attractive development features, attracting accredited investments.

STO Exchange

Our security exchange token services enable a secure platform with tailor-made security exchange services at affordable prices.

STO Marketing Activities

We provide end-to-end marketing services that provide the best way to investors about security tokens following all the token standards.

Security Token Development

Our security token development platform can help you with international visitors with guidance due through token services.

Equity Token Offering Development

We are specialized in the creation of customized equity tokens that guarantees investors certain rights to legally registered businesses, by issuing equity tokens development services.

Key Benefits Of Security Tokens Offering

Compared to any type of physical asset, including money, gold, or real estate, security tokens (digital currencies) are much more secure. Your valuables may be safeguarded against both online and offline dangers through tokenization.


In comparison to physical assets, digital assets support a far wider range of items and technology. They may be utilized in a variety of ways and may also be traded for other currencies and assets.

Enhanced Liquidity

Due to the restricted reach, selling something tangible like gold or real estate is not particularly simple. By enabling them to be sold to a larger market on a worldwide scale, tokenization increases the liquidity of your assets.

24/7 trading

Trading in security tokens does not require you to step out and march to a counter or window of an office. Blockchain-based trading beats traditional trading methods because it is consistent and ever going. You can trade any time, any day or night.


It is undeniable that tokens are a more alluring means to entice investment than conventional fundraising techniques due to advantages including minimal organization costs, increased reach, worldwide presence and more.

Improved Compliance

Since tokenization is often done in accordance with national and international regulations due to the worldwide nature of tokens, buying and selling digital assets is fully secure.


You may increase the availability and accessibility of your assets to a worldwide audience by tokenizing them. Additionally, because security token markets are constantly open, token holders can purchase and sell at any moment.

Simple Process to Launch Your Own STO

Here are Pre-STO Launch and Post STO Launch steps to ensure your business is successful.

  • Determine What Your Technology Is
  • Choose Jurisdiction for Your ICO
  • Maintain Compliance with Securities Law
  • Understand the Securities Laws Affecting Your ICO
  • Create Your White Paper
  • If you are thinking of developing an ICO successfully

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