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At brugu, we develop top edge fintech applications on the Stellar blockchain and assure timely delivery of robust and efficient applications. Use our Stellar blockchain development services to enable safe cross-border transactions and the trading of digital assets.

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Stellar Blockchain for Fintech Development

Our skilled blockchain developers use Stellar technology to create powerful FinTech solutions for businesses and startups. Our Stellar blockchain solutions provide clients with a strong framework for quick, safe, and low-cost payments. We provide Stellar blockchain development services ranging from smart contract development to the creation of complicated payment infrastructure.

Stellar Blockchain Services

Backing up Startups and organization with Stellar Blockchain services

Why Choose Brugu For Stellar Blockchain Development?

Our professionals are dedicated to offering perfectly fitted blockchain solutions for securely exchanging cryptocurrencies on a digital ledger.

We are highly equitable and experienced in the IT industry.


Now say no to the failed transaction; with our top developing engineers.


The expertise working at brugu is updated with the technology. When there is any minor change in it, they quickly implement it into your project through regular updates.


We have contracted with reputed leading companies in the industries.Also, we are always prepared to work with open minds to create a master plan for future projects.

Stellar Blockchain



It is a Stellar API server that is used to interact with clients. It gives its users the ability to review accounts, record transactions, and subscribe to confirmed events. We provide several apps for your business using Stellar Blockchain technology so that you can quickly connect to the network using the Horizon tool.


Server of bridges

The Bridge server utility is critical when it comes to network simplification. It's used to provide a streamlined UI for the Stellar network. It also facilitates the network's complicated integration and management, leading in faster and more accurate transaction transmission



It is regarded as the stellar network's principal support or backbone. It monitors every network transaction and all verification and consensus processes are handled by the Stellar consensus protocol. The SCP has made the system safe and reliable for its users.



When it comes to extracting data from a DBMS, Federation Server is most probably used. It is a type of protocol server that may be built and implemented directly to the network's present infrastructure.

Benefits Of Stellar Development Service

stellar-development stellar-development

Quick and easy Transactions

Transactions may be completed instantly from any location on the planet. You will receive a quick and flawless answer.

stellar-development stellar-development


Because Stellar networks provide minimal transactions, you receive a cost-effective finance solution that allows you to profit more.

stellar-development stellar-development

Transactions with Traceability

Because every transaction can be simply and rapidly tracked, it ensures a high degree of transparency and accountability.

stellar-development stellar-development

Codes with Auditability

Our Stellar development solution assists you in developing payment systems that use smart contracts to provide encrypted and trackable transactions.


Stellar is an open-source, blockchain-based distributed ledger network that aims to unite all financial institutions throughout the world on a single platform. It enables users to produce and trade digital representations of all currencies.

The procedures for developing an app on the Stellar blockchain technology are as follows:

  • Install the SDK for the technology you intend to utilise.
  • Connect the SDK to the Horizon network.
  • Set up an account
  • Generate assets
  • Establish transaction fees.
  • Carry out transactions
  • Set up a payment transaction.
  • Surveillance

Stellar is an open-source decentralized system for converting digital currency to fiat money both locally and beyond borders. The lumen is the coin used on the Stellar network (XLM).

Looking For Stellar Development For Your Business?

We work with you to apply industry expertise and technical vision and provide service with the Stellar Blockchain development for what comes next.


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