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As an EOS blockchain development Company, We extend top-notch services for enterprise Blockchain Development. Designing scalable and safe decentralized applications on the EOS blockchain technology to achieve high throughput and robust and smart contract capabilities.

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Decentralized Application of EOS Platform

EOS is a blockchain platform for developing decentralized apps that incorporates Ethereum functionality. This platform facilitates DApp creation by offering an operating system with a collection of services and capabilities required for Decentralized Applications. The EOS Blockchain technology provides fast throughput and superior smart contract capability.

Brugu is a leading EOS Blockchain Development Company, capable of developing blockchain on various platforms, including EOS Blockchain. We have an EOS Blockchain team experienced in designing highly scalable and dependable decentralized apps on the EOS Blockchain Network for multiple sectors.

Features of EOS Blockchain:
  1. Decentralized Operating System
  2. There is no transaction fee.
  3. Smart Contracts of the Highest Quality
  4. Scalability and high performance
  5. Simple Upgrades and Bug Repair
  6. Parallel processing
  7. speeds up transactions
  8. Inter Blockchain Communication
  9. Innovative Smart Contract
  10. Highly secured

EOS Blockchain development services

Our team uses several Ethereum development tools.

EOS platform

We provide a flexible and supportive EOS blockchain development platform on which commercial D-apps can be produced using inter-blockchain connectivity.

EOS Blockchain

We provide enterprise-grade consulting services to businesses and organizations looking to build or integrate applications on the EOS blockchain.

EOS Smart Contract Development

As part of our smart contract development service, we create, test, and deploy smart contracts on various blockchain platforms, including EOS. We also assist clients in determining which blockchain systems are best for their businesses.

EOS Blockchain Planning

As a Blockchain Development Company, Before establishing any blockchain project, we believe in strategic planning customized to the customer's demands.

EOS Wallet Development

We created a wallet API plugin that can be loaded into the nodes process since EOS comes with various contracts, each of which requires a corresponding account.

EOS Blockchain Testing

Before delivering any Blockchain project, we conduct thorough testing with our developers to ensure that your applications and website run smoothly.

Smart Contract Audit

Our experienced, smart contract auditors have carefully compiled a list of the most common security vulnerabilities and faults that might occur while working with EOS smart contracts.

Developing Token Assurance

With our expert services in blockchain development on a range of platforms, including EOS, we create airdrop programs, unique bounty programs, and EOS currencies.

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  • Flexibility
  • Upgradability
  • Permission Schema
  • Less energy consumption
  • Parallel processing
  • Decentralized Operating System

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