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DeFi Token Development Company - What Are DeFi Tokens?

DeFi Token Development

DeFi protocols are on the rise (exponentially) and every protocol is powered by its native DeFi token. It has led to massive DeFi token development activities and circulation of the same tokens in the market. This is because conventional finance systems are undergoing unexpected shifts in their industry due to the rise of innovative startups that bridge breakthrough FinTech technologies with their revolutionary business model. Such a transformation proves to offer multiple benefits and serves a greater purpose to the common masses.

Hence, DeFi tokens are increasingly being adopted and they seem to fare better than cryptocurrencies.

Let’s explore more about the role of DeFi tokens, their types, benefits in a DeFi platform, and how you can create your DeFi tokens.

Crypto Coin

Crypto coins are used as a means of payment.

Coins have a value that’s subjected to an increase (or) decrease based on the volatility of the crypto market.

Coins are developed on the native blockchain platform.

Crypto Token

Beyond payment, crypto tokens have a wider functionality.

Crypto tokens are a step ahead of coins. In some cases, they don’t hold explicit value, but they own various rights like governance and voting, and long-term benefits like utility and security.

Tokens are developed on the existing blockchain platform. Credits to Ethereum blockchain for generating a vast collection of crypto tokens owing to its benefits.

Our Values

These are all the main key aspects of why these smart contracts are needed in the DeFi dApps.

Security Tokens

Users purchasing security tokens are investing their money in the ICO with the expectation of profit.

Equity Tokens

If a token is linked to stock or
equity in a company that issues it, it’s an
equity token.

Utility Tokens

These tokens provide people with
access to either a product or service.

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