Decentralized Exchange Development

We have created a wide range of private and public exchange platforms to safely transact crypto-assets, based on the particular business demands of worldwide vendors.

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Decentralized Exchange Development

In today's era of digitization, internet transactions and the use of virtual currency are steadily rising. Virtual transactions require a safe and bug-free trading platform to prevent fraudulent activity all over the world. Sara Technologies is a top-rated cryptocurrency exchange development firm with extensive experience in the development of cryptocurrency exchange apps and software.

Decentralized Exchange Development has grown to gigantic dimensions in recent years, allowing customers to obtain direct trades without the involvement of third intermediaries. The protection of the users' privacy and security is given top importance. As a result, little personal information is shared, ensuring more transparency.

What We Offer Our Decentralized Exchange Development Solutions


Smart Contracts For Peer-to-Peer Trading

Using a smart contract to perform trade without the use of an intermediary will make peer-to-peer (P2P) trading easier. Ensure that your decentralized exchange is more transparent and faster.


Automated Market Makers Provide Liquidity

The automated market maker ensures liquidity on your decentralized exchange by automatically executing trades utilizing liquidity pools and substituting buyers and sellers.


Market-Leading Features With Institutional-Grade Security

Secure your DEX with bank-grade security and industry-leading security features. Provide a secure trading environment for your users.

Why Choose Us?

Quick Response Rate

Our team of professionals will respond quickly to your requests.

Strong Portfolio

We have completed a number of successful Bitcoin exchange projects for our clients.

Security Professionals

Our team of security experts will develop the code and build your required application with all security precautions.

One-Stop Solution

At Brugu we can deliver a comprehensive one stop solution for all your blockchain and crypto-related apps.

Features Of Our Decentralized Exchange Development


Effective User Interface

All customers can gain from an engaging and feature-rich interface that allows them to use the DEX platform without errors or glitches.


Complete Transaction History

Every deposit will be recorded in the database.


Two-Factor Authentication

We can integrate two-factor authentication andconnect it to users’ wallets to enable secure commerce.


Admin Panel Dashboard

We develop a comprehensive admin panel dashboard which can be used to track business activities.


Transaction Processing Security

We develop trading scripts with several alternatives, making it difficult for hacking or for cyber-attacks.


Payment Gateway Support

We also build a safe and convenient payment gateway

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