What's New

Brugu Software Solutions, has announced the start of a fresh hiring drive in India and the pursuit of expanding business prospects.

What's New

Blockchain development firm maintains India expansion plans, claiming the industry is resilient.

What's New

Brugu, a blockchain development company, wins a $25 million jackpot.

What's New

Blockchain development giant Brugu makes US 25 million windfall gains

What's New

Transforming Education Through Blockchain: Mouttou Viramouttou is Co-founder & Chairman, Brugu Software Solutions
and Co-founder, UniDirect said.

What's New

Adoption of blockchain technology in real estate to boost the economy

What's New

Blockchain in real estate has only begun to take baby steps in India, and it is important that all stakeholders come
together and align themselves to unshackle its true potential

Hybrid Work Model

Our hiring team focuses on bringing in talented industry experts. Look no further if you are experienced, we provide challenging opportunities to realize your fire within. A career at Brugu provides all of this and much more.

We believe in transparency within the team

We are enthusiastic about innovation. We ensure to make a difference in people's lives. We use our passion and innovation to spark the change we want to see in the world.


We begin with the belief that everyone can grow and develop.


We will approach our clients with an open mind and bring solutions that meet their needs.


We are united by a common goal. Our ability to collaborate makes our dreams achievable.


We will achieve our mission of empowering the whole team.


We are committed to being customer-centric, more diverse, and inclusive.

Start a career at Brugu and make a difference

We are dedicated to creating a positive and inspiring work environment.


Teamwork is an internal core value at Software Group. We all have a common goal, no matter where we are in the world, and we all support and work together to achieve it.


Mastering our skills and talents, maintaining a positive attitude and high ethical standards at all times, going the extra mile, and being dependable are what define us as professionals.


The spirit of innovation pervades Brugu. To create effective solutions, we employ cutting-edge technologies. But, most importantly, we never forget to have fun in everything we do.


Join our team and be benefited

Career development

We offer positive learning and encourage employees to discuss their ideas.

Health and Wellness

We encourage our employees to live a healthy lifestyle everywhere.

Family leave

We provide leave options for new parents for maternity and paternity.

Remote work potential

WFH is provided if employees have a good computer and a reliable internet connection.


We provide awards based on the work culture and performance.

Quality time

We provide flexibility to maintain work balance by providing valid time off.

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Frequently Asked


Use the contact form on this page to send the information to the careers team. This is currently the best way to contact the team.

We have a significant presence in the UK, India, and Malaysia with a highly experienced group of practitioners supporting the clients globally.

Your cover letter should be addressed to the Brugu HR Team, as your application will be reviewed by a recruiter in our department first. In your cover letter, you should also mention the specific job opening for which you are applying.

Yes, we have numerous positions ranging from entry-level to senior-level. When these positions become available, we will post them on our website.

Yes, we have numerous positions ranging from entry-level to senior-level. When these positions become available, we will post them on our website.

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