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Brugu Software Solutions, has announced the start of a fresh hiring drive in India and the pursuit of expanding business prospects.

What's New

Blockchain development firm maintains India expansion plans, claiming the industry is resilient.

What's New

Brugu, a blockchain development company, wins a $25 million jackpot.

What's New

Blockchain development giant Brugu makes US 25 million windfall gains

What's New

Transforming Education Through Blockchain: Mouttou Viramouttou is Co-founder & Chairman, Brugu Software Solutions
and Co-founder, UniDirect said.

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Adoption of blockchain technology in real estate to boost the economy

What's New

Blockchain in real estate has only begun to take baby steps in India, and it is important that all stakeholders come
together and align themselves to unshackle its true potential


History Of Brugu

Although Brugu was founded in 2018, the journey began in 2016. A chance meeting at an international blockchain conference between two friends (now our founders) and an impending need for a decentralised land registry brought the two together. Brugu means "Bhrigu," one of the seven great sages of Hinduism who is revered as the father of happiness.

The enormous potential for blockchain-related applications fueled their determination to develop a company that could serve startups and enterprises. Brugu was founded in 2018 after two years of collaboration.

Brugu is one of the leading providers of blockchain solutions for enterprises, including blockchain technology consulting, dApp development, smart contracts, blockchain wallets, decentralised exchanges, and tokenization

Brugu’s Fact






Satisfied Customers



Brugu Core Values



No two customers have the same requirements. Therefore, we will develop unique solutions for each new project.



We treat all information with the utmost care and confidentiality, whether it is proprietary information of the client or knowledge about their business plan.



We tie our success to the success of our clients so that our success follows theirs.



We value our customers' trust in us, which they have earned over time through hard work. We are committed to maintaining that trust throughout our relationship with them.


Back Office

Back office users become geniuses by automating key operational tasks, resulting in higher productivity and more effective fraud detection.


Level of security

Exercise in Grade Security Complete control over your data. Customers can control their own data, privacy, security, storage and retrieval.

Our Leadership


Dr Mouttou Viramouttou

Co-founder & Chairman, Brugu Software Solutions

An entrepreneur and investor in early-stage tech start-ups, Dr Mouttou Viramouttou is big on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and digital marketing. He has co-founded Brugu Software Solutions Private Ltd, a blockchain solutions provider helping businesses in the development and implementation of NFT, metaverse and cryptocurrency exchanges. Today Brugu is not just a leading player in the blockchain sector but is also gearing up to achieve a valuation of US$ 1 billion by 2024. He has also founded UniDirect - Find Your Global Education, Advanced Digital Marketing Institute and WeAlwin Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


V.S. Kiran Paturi

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Brugu Software Solutions

V.S. Kiran Paturi is the Co-founder & CEO of Brugu Software Solutions Private Ltd. As the head of the company, Kiran sets the culture and rhythm at Brugu. From pre-sales to architecting projects, he drives the team towards success. Prior to co-founding Brugu Software Solutions, he has headed R&D and developer teams and handled multiple projects in software development and delivery. A developer to the core with a vision to deliver quality, scalable, reliable solutions in the space of digital enablement, his love for tech gives him the ingenuity to know where and how to bring technology to use in a creative and innovative way.

Why should you choose us?

Deep rooted experience

We have the technical experience to create state-of-the-art digital contracts with advanced features that work for all businesses.

State of the art technology

We use state-of-the-art technologies, tools, digital protocols and platforms to improve transparency and speed up claims settlement.

360-degree support

We provide comprehensive blockchain consulting, Ethereum programming, dApp development, and post-implementation maintenance.

24-hour customer service

We provide our clients with a 24*7 post-implementation support helpline to ease the transition and test the stability of the project.

Governance and compliance

We ensure compliance with appropriate business policies and solid documentation to support post-implementation governance.

Expertise in the industry

We have knowledge of several industry-specific practices as well as expertise in implementing blockchain solutions.

Are you ready
to join us?

A Brugu career allows you to work at the cutting edge of technology, allowing you to shape life and society.